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Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford is the Director of Systems and Operations at NeuroSolution Center of Austin, Texas.

Sarah Crawford

Director of Systems and Operations

Sarah Crawford is the acting chief of operations of NeuroSolution Center of Austin, formerly The Austin Center for Developing Minds. Her role varies depending on the needs of the practice. Sarah leads the creation and maintenance of the systems needed to operate our NeuroSolution family of practices. Her strengths revolve around transparent communication and building and running multiple systems. Sarah has earned marketing and business admin degrees, but she’ll tell you that the majority of her knowledge comes from real-life experience in navigating several start-up businesses. Sarah has developed a passion for serving those with severe neurological needs and loves watching the progress and lives changed in the ACDM practice.

Sarah also helps Dr. Crawford build and run other systems within other ventures that include: NeuroSolution Lasers, opening clinics around the globe, various online educational systems, Legendary DC Consulting services, Stay Strong Johnny Grant CBD product line, NeuroSolution CBD product line and a home building company called Integrity Developments.